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14 Nov Information meeting Give birth in the hospital JBZ
22 Nov Information meeting Breastfeeding Vita Nova


2 Dec Information meeting Give birth in the hospital JBZ

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Pregnancy mail

We provide all information regarding pregnancy through a digital newsletter and avoid paper brochures as much as possible. Every week you will receive carefully compiled information that is relevant for that period during your pregnancy. You can sign up for the newsletter at http://www.zwangerschapsmail.nl/. Expectant fathers can sign up separately for the Vadermail, or Father Mail. We have tailored the information in this newsletter as much as possible for fathers. You can register via http://www.vadermail.nl.


  • On 25th of May 2018 all businesses are obligated to commit to the new privacy law, so is Vita Nova. That’s why we included a revised privacy policy on our website. As far as we are concerned, there can be no indistinctness about privacy policy! That’s why we’ve rewritten Vita Nova’s privacy policy in clear language and it contains, among other things, how we handle your personal information. You can also read which data we register, why and for how long we store them. For more information we refer to the privacy policy. You don’t have to do anything, the new privacy policy will go immediately. At any time you are able to view your data, have them changed or have them removed.

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